26 May 2016

The Grass is Always Greener...On Our Side

I seem to keep going back to green...it's just such a lively colour...think jelly bean to hunter's hues... here with different shades from different ages to keep you perky...

1970s Day Dress....a field of flowers print great for layering over as the sun sets earlier...size 34 R195


Classic Hunter's Green probably 70s in wool with amazing detail and fitted cut...size 32 R215


80s Boxy Broad Tweed great for layers underneath in lime size 36 R215


17 May 2016

Not Half Plaid

I have totally stolen both the title and cover picture this week from the Sartorialist but there is something to be said for vintage trends reflecting the latest on the street...keep warm....

Bright blue and green large houndstooth swing jacket along a 50s bent but probably 70s...poly wool mix i think size 36-38 R225


Bias cut petrol blue plaid swings out at the waist and adds structured movement size 34 R165


Wool kilt in baby blue and tangerine paid which i have never seen before in these shades size 32 R165


25 April 2016

Winter Stock not just for Nuns

Winter Stock coming in so come take a peek....so much so will take a while to empty my bags!

We are closed this Wednesday April 27th and Monday May 2nd

07 April 2016

Summer Time Blues

Something weird about this time of year as the light changes...here with a few bits to end the summer with a bang....and have no fear...change is good...winter stock around the corner....

Candy Stripe Polymix with just a touch of cowgirl ease in the front stiching Size 38 R155


Genuine Levi Mini...like very mini...Size 34 R165


Chocolate PVC and Suede Lady Elbow Bag R165


18 March 2016

Autumn and a bit of chocolate on the side

I choose to think that this time of year is about celebrating the changing of the seasons...in Canada it is spring but i will take autumn if it involves chocolate....ooops just to say Bonnie&Clyde will be open Monday March 21st as usual...closed Friday March 25th and open Saturday March 26th as usual...Monday March 28th is still up for grabs but will keep you posted....

17 March 2016

Crisp and Clean

Green is perfect for spring and makes you feel a little bit crisper and above the swirl of swooshy shapes we fall back on after a hard summer of heat and sweat....get springy...

Pale green with white small flower print with smocking at the waist and tie of eyelit at the back....real little girl for a real woman....could be 70s size 32 R195


Sexy see through night gown in nylon with white and green lacy inlay at the bust...probably 70s size 34 R175


Same set as the night gown in the previous picture this frothy pale green see through dressing gown in nylon has lace detail on the sleeves...probably 70s size 34 R175


Wooden bracelet with painted overlay R50 and wooden beaded neclace R65...both probably 70s



10 March 2016

Pinky Out Girls

These accessories make me think of ladies in hats with perfect tea drinking manners....I am of course very bad at being prim and proper but the illusion is fetching....

Creme leather with intricate texture maybe 70s Narrow Size 4 R175

Black PVC with knot detail elbow bag....probably 60s or 70s R85

Caramel PVC with bow detail elbow bag probably 60s or 70s R95

25 February 2016

Ear Candy not Forks

It seems fitting that with the recent loss of David Bowie we should feature his wife Iman...doing anti glam....

Whole new set of distractions for your lobes....from R35 to R55 and so not too much of a financial commitment...fuzzy diamante ones below just wouldn't let me focus....but should give you an idea...

16 February 2016


The late 60s and 70s produced a new look in design that created flow and fabrics on a grand scale that were all about movement....here with some idea of what I'm taking about....

Slinky brown halter neck dress that was all about just below the bust with extra length to add height...platforms went a long way as well...Size 34 R215. 


Don't quote me but this pant set seems like late 60s or early 70s with a bold pattern and wide cuffs to create a statement from a distance...Size 32 R225.


Wild halter neck dress with a sash for extra emphasis at the waist in a stiffer fabric to create shape and movement...Size 32 R225.