29 July 2014

Bag Power

This picture of Victoria Beckham was taken while she was at a soccer game...the highlight of the game as evidenced by the picture was her ability to command attention with her Hermes bag....and so a bag is never just a bag...here with Bonnie&Clyde's latest selection so you can stake out your claim...
Ostrich shoulder bag in light caramel probably 60s or 70s...the baking powder is to try and demonstrate size...R275 

 Clasp Detail

Snake clutch with gold swing chain in perfect condition probably 60s or 70s ...R255

Clasp Detail

Clutch of Clutches...all 60s and 70s (probably)

Fabric tapestry in periwinkle with silvery clasp R65 (sorry to be upside down!)

Soft bright sparkle beading with silver frame and snap clasp R55

Pewter shaded hard clutch with silvery snap clasp

01 July 2014

Girls in Black Leather

Black leather and girls is a timeless image of raw sex...in a good and painless way! Just in some pieces from London bought in the 70s and 80s ...can't get sexier than that....

Black Leather mini skirt with front stud fastening...size 28-30 R215


Simple Black Leather mini skirt in super soft black leather size 28-30 R215


Classic waistcoat in Black Leather size 30 R215


Multi Pocket Waistcoat in Black Leather size 30 R215

17 June 2014

Lady in Red

Excuse my being quiet of late...Windows 8...need I say more! Red is powerful and can act as a neutral when paired with any other colour and still be a focal point...here with a few ideas to dazzle this winter....

Red pouf lingerie to be worn by day for the brave...nylon mix Size 34 R155

Pouff in detail

 Little Miss Swiss red velvet with typical alpine embroiderie...cute, warm and comfortable size 32


Chinoiserie at its prettiest...probably late 70s in a thick silk mix Size 32 R115


Custom made this cotton mix amazingness with fake fur detail is statement dressing at its finest...Size 34-36 R245

Another View


20 May 2014

Back to Work People!

April in South Africa is pretty much a non month...calendars, diaries and even watches become suspect as we navigate through non weeks which quite frankly confuse me...so it is with a great sigh of relief that I can announce that we are back to work... and with this some back to work clothes to help you on your way!

May you all go where no person in a spandex red flying outfit with a cape has been before!

80s Power Dressing at its finest...Jones NY Houndstooth Jacket with big Shoulders size 34-36 R195

Mustard Felt harking back to 50s softness but probably 70s with Angled Pockets....size 38 R175

 Crème a la Chanel Crème weave open front harking back to the 50s again but probably 70s size 34-36


Pink Stripe 70s Crimpolene Suit playfully feminine with front vent...sold together with jacket size 34-36 R215



Turquoise Early 70s Crimpolene Check suit sorta Chanel...sold seperately size 32 Skirt R135 and Jacket R165


22 April 2014

Feeling Tweedy

Going into Autumn always makes me pull back into a pull over or something tweedy....not just the preserve of the royal family out on a picnic the good stuff is always in vogue...especially the classic shapes below....feeling is believing!
Brown wool Jaeger A line coffee brown in a fine tweed that just keeps on going....size 30-32 and lined...R165
its sometimes all in the label...

 Fine weave keeps you cool when needed...almost waterproof when you need that too...

Classic Burberry plaid which in this case is a retro Woolies variety but I thought had enough merit to make it onto the hanger....fine wool blend with classic kilt fastening in a panel over the front...size 36...R155

its all in the detail....

Orange Navy Tartan with front seam vents front and back in a wool blend to below the knee...size 36 R175

Beautiful Autumn Colours

08 April 2014

Snow White

Whether you are pure as the driven snow or not white is the ambassador of cool....it all really starts with the apple....

Simple satin rolled collar in almost empire style...size 32 R215

Amazing collar, waistline and baby button details...

Silk and chiffon in a golden crème damask print...fit for the Titanic..size 32-34 R245

Applied in a pleated hip defining swish the chiffon allows a tie at the back to accentuate your bootie...

Bootie defining detail

High quality fake fur at its best this baby is elegant in a slight 50s style jacket with rounded collar...Size 34 R295
Fine Elegance