25 July 2017

Sunday Market July 30


The things i want most....the stuff end of one's life....is obviously stuff that i don't need...its the stuff that makes me have better dreams....here with random stuff whose only theme is that i like them...a lot.....

This 70s crimp vest makes me think of the Queen of Hearts Size 32 R175


Pretty Polymix skirt in an almost Ombre thing going on...and i do love the button for some reason....Size 32 R185



Fine Cotton almost Russian Doll thing happening here...pleated and pouffy you kinda want to take to the fields and fly a kite....Size 32 R185


Slinky shirt/jacket in a Petrol Blue print with buttons as embelishment Size 30-32 R155


Pretty Shirt in a Super Fine Cotton gentle floral print with extra darts at the waist for more definition Size 34 R175


06 July 2017


Delicious is difficult to define....this guy has got it right i reckon...this week its about juicy'just' because' for your wardrobe....

Juicy simple silk scarf R60

Delicate slip for a slip of a woman Size 28-30 R95...we have got loads that have just come in some complete with the original price tags and rocket boob support...


Something sorta whitchy about these...not particulary old but black leather with reconditioned soles Size 6 R175


Tasty berry full pleated skirt with lining and crunchy textured fabric...a good burst for winter Size 34 R175


Part shirt dress part coat in cotton sky blue with epaulettes and a gathering at the back for definition Size 34-36 R215



19 June 2017

Sunday Market June 25 9-3....Don't miss out as we pick up speed!

In Toronto...

This is our beach in Toronto....in the Winter....we have Lake Ontario...if you can take a peep at our beach in Durban....Now....in Winter....and you will see how optimistic these yellow parasols are....just reminding myself not to complain that i am cold....

This was my coat which i have loved but now the love needs to be shared...Mohair is very light and very warm...bell sleeves and huge buttons with a fringe at the pocket and lined....Size 36-38 R315


Classic plaid skirt in polymix cut on a bias and pleated...Size 30 R175


Classic pencil skirt in wool and lined with a pleat at the back...very sexy at the office...Size 38 R175


Simple riding jacket cut in haringbone in beige and black with double pockets... Size 36-38 R225



I do like detail...finishing off....sanding things down until they are smooth....this takes focused attention on the small things...the accessories.....

Bejewelled large scarf in satin with claim to be Hermes....either way really nice...R125

See size against black hanger

I cannot confirm that this is genuine....if it is this is a bargain....

Diamante hair clip....R65

Plastic bauble clip on earings.. R50

Marquesite detail in mother of pearl clip on earings...R50

Simple glass screw on earings...R50

Plastic coral effort clip on earings...R35

Fine black bead evening bag with white metal frame....almost has a victorian feel....R115

Small diamante belt buckle...R75

Normal butter knife to see the scale....

23 May 2017

Sunday Market May 28th 9-3....yes yes yes!

Print is Good For You

Don't be scared....prints are good for you....they can be big or small but they always challenge hum drum....and if you are brave you should let them win....

Just throwing this in 'cause it's just so pretty...navy pvc handbag with a slip on slip off covering for an elegant metal clip....in the days when stuff was at a premium this was a day and night bag in one....

Slip On...

Slip Off....


Ok the sun isn't always on my side but I have to show you this anyway....so pretend this is actually a good picture....Pale blue polymix floral day dress with elastic waist and simple collar and sleeves....the buttons are so cute they make me smile....Size 36 R215 


This print shouts happy ....this simple 70s tea dress with classic vintage buttons but its the cartoon quality of the garden on fabric that makes it for me....Size 34 R215


I just could not get this dress to appear on 'film' as it does in real life....so let me tell you about it....70s silky polymix handmade party dress with empire waist and draped sleeves....Size 38 R215