22 May 2017

Apologies to Men

Apologies to all Men.....we at Bonnie&Clyde are not making a political statement in having limited men's clothes....we at Bonnie&Clyde strive for equal opportunity shopping....however good men's stuff is hard to find....just saying.....

18 April 2017

The 70s for Shy People

I love paisley....and it has never limited itself to one decade but heavy print often thrown together is what the 60s and 70s make me think of...but for those wanting subtle statements busy prints don't always have to shout.....

Ok this is probably 1980s judging by the boxy hip skiming action in the cut of this jacket but the brocade served my purposes this week....ohhh Vogue March 2017 tells me that 1980s boxy hip skimming action is what its all about....just saying....Size 34 R195


Satin paisley print in joyful red and pink is perfect for souping any seriousness up.... R50

Just to get the size.....i really don't like measuring things....its a handicap i know..... 

Pleated and falling below the calf the waist is elasticated and the fabric is a chiffonish poly mix so it keeps its structure as you swish....Size 34 R165


30 March 2017

Come One Come All...Green Camp is Calling You!

Bread and Milk

This week is about basics....the assumption is often that vintage is always a standout piece of promotion when often its the detail of the more background pieces...the ones that people will walk past and then turn to look at again to work out what is going on....and background is where it all starts....

Very cute very fine cotton shirt with a collar that is quietly carved into a double effect....i think i am doing a very bad job of explaining this....ok so cute, small neutral print, anchors and snow drops...Sized 32-34 R145 

Collar Detail


Fine kinda nylon typa fabric with a high collar at the back and a Miss Moneypenny bow....simple....yet quietly sexy....Size 34 R145


Quietly feminie with a small button at the cuff in a polymix in a strange quazi japanese print although i have probably got this completely wrong and it is a veiled cowboy shirt....i will leave it to you...Size 34 R145


22 March 2017

You know who you are....

Look who came to market....a smashing lady in her Bonnie&Clyde dress who picked up a very green very nice Bonnie&Clyde bag...you know who you are....

By The Sea

As we begin to edge the door closed on summer the haze and the waves and the light in this picture seemed to capture it....and so for the end of summer some blues and greens to keep the memories alive

Very cute very 70s slightly mind altering print for a simple shirt with slightly larger than we are used to collar and double edged sleeves Size 34 R135


Simple hand made flared skirt in fint tea dress....a really pretty frock in silky print with white pipping in all the right places, a slight puff to the sleeve and dropped waist depending on your hip size...i am quite hippy and it hangs down straight and almost gatsby like Size 34-36 R195

Matching shirt with vintage pearly buttons and sort of 3/4 length sleeves properly fitted with darts in all the right places Size 32-34 R155...


Classic elegant tea dress....a really pretty frock in silky print with white pipping in all the right places, a slight puff to the sleeve and dropped waist depending on your hip size...i am quite hippy and it hangs down straight and almost gatsby like Size 34-36 R195


07 March 2017

Sunday Market March 12

Pop Art

There comes a time in everybody's life where we need to break out of being safe....and these colours are positively dangerous.....

Long classic 60s dress in proper psychadelic...high cowl neck and gathers from there so the eye moves up and keeps you there....Size 32-34....narrow in the hip...R215



Classic 50s throw back in shape but probably made in the 70s....this is deceptively beautiful with the gathers at the shoulder and a full skirt...oddly the trick is in the shade of navy for the top....a sort of midnight blue....there is a slight flaw in the skirt...just slightly extra wear....Size 34-36 R195


This baby is brighter than the camera shows...imagine a flamingo pink in textured crimp with button detail and deep v in the front for the eye to wander over....Size 34-36 R195


21 February 2017

Field of Cream

It is raining in Durban which is excellent and i feel a baking session coming on...thick cream, chocolate and a field in an old clay mixing bowl....vintage yum...

First the field....simple short sleeved polymix beauty excellent tied in a knot over high waisted jeans Size 38 R155


Chocolate polymix jersey with a slight sheen in classic 70s style complete with zip up the back and chevron detail in the weave Size 34 R165


Crazy cream lace pant suit with really cool collar that i can't of a name to describe...pants are sheer and the shirt is lined...very small which probably makes me stupid for buying it but i just couldn't resist....Size 26-28 R215

Collar detail


06 February 2017

70s Essentials

The bridal anthem that always escapes me....something something something borrowed something blue is revamped for the 70s and goes something like this....something brown something orange something kaftan something jungle....and its all here....

Fine cotton classic 70s kaftan with a zip up the front and plenty of length to waft...Size 36-38 R195

Collar Detail 

Classic 70s day dress complete with butterfly buttons for the nature child in you...Size 34 R195

Butterfly Button Detail

70s jungle gear and feeds our current need for anything khaki just perfectly....polymix so no ironing required and robust for chic gorilla touring...Size 36-38 R175