13 August 2015


Matchey matchey top and bottom can be a bit uniformish ...think again....the tops with pussy bows and vintage buttons are sweet as sugar with denim and the skirts stand out with t shirts and a pair of converse ....its about how you put it all together....

Slinky top and skirt set with pussy bow and pleats in low key colours standout in petite feminine print with super cool buttons to boot...Size 36 R215


Ok i could not get the sun out of this weeks offering so you might have to use a bit of imagination....Indigo and rust short sleeved dress and jacket set in slightly rounded almost 50s shoulders and details that grab the eye Size 36-38 R215


Another oddity this week....forgot to take a picture up close so you will have to use your imagination again...Skirt and jacket set slinky pale blue almost cloud print with beigy florals are pure whimsy Size 36 R215

06 August 2015

And the Details

Coco was all about the details, the extras...not just the string of pearls but the turn up of a sleeve and the angle of the scarf....here are a few accessories to get the heart going....

Macrame was big in the 70s...you went to class....you joined clubs...you displayed your talents on your shoulder and wrists....Black bag R85 and orange and beige R65 each

Say a lot without opening your mouth....even if you don't smoke there is nothing like vintage brass to say you have arrived....R185

This little guy is fuzzy in the picture (sorry!) i am told he is silver but there is not stamp...he is a broach with diamante on a highly decorative body and he has a red bejewelled eye to keep you captivated....the pin system tells me that he is pre 50s (i think!) R185

Restrung handblown Venetian green glass with clar glass beads in between longer than a choker so sort of mid boobage R185

Collection of largish sparkly broaches (also weird lighting sorry!) all at least pre 50s all fantastic at the waist of any dress to add attention R75 each

30 July 2015

Bolt of the Blue

Women here seem to effortlessly pull off very bold prints without getting swamped...and here are some of the latest crop....

Bold floral with black background fine cotton mix drop waist and pouffed sleeve...not for wallflowers....size 38 R215


Bold sea faring blues in silky poly mix with a touch of purple in nautical stripes and something sailorish about the boxy cut and dropped waist....size 38 R215


Truly magnificent almost current with techno prints but this is 1980s at the latest....the shape is 40s with the sleeves on a bias and multi textured pleats at the hip in a silky poly mix...size 36 R215 (a slight pull is at the bust is covered by the broach which is incuded in the price)


23 July 2015

Safari Sojourn

For a true South African retro look no further than safari seperates...feel those knee socks and grasshoppers coming on....

We start with the anticamouflage Welsh version of 70s wear....i can honestly say that i have never seen a top like this before...Made in Wales technicolour cotton with pockets in the front size Medium-Large R145


Classic safari in chocolate 100% polyester as it should be with double seaming and pockets in the front size Medium R115

Fuzzy Detail

Now i know this makes us think of dentists but this one is baby blue complete with pocket flaps for extra chic size Medim R125

Fuzzy Detail

16 July 2015

Under the Covers

Mercifully getting dressed has become easier...but there is a time and a place for slips and petticoats and bed gear that involves a bit of lace....worn as an outer over denim or under a dress these babies will stand out regardless...

Black Nylon with boob pleats this slip is surprisingly useful under anything remotely see through that you don't want revealing anything too important....size 34-36 R165


Long Creme Nylon with a tie back option below the bust this is actually a nightgown the old fahioned way but works under a shorter dress or a skirt to show off detail...size 34-36 R165

Detail of embroidery 'protected' under the top layer at the bust....

Creme Shorter Nylon slip complete with frill at the bottom for showing off under shorter overlay....adjustable straps help out a great deal with embroidery at the bust...size 34-36 R165

The bow and flowers at the bust

09 July 2015

Keeping the Winter Witch Away

A bit of sparkle to keep the winter witch away even if Kansas isn't one of your top destinations...think the place you want to go and make a wish!

Gold Sparkle (size 6) and Red Satin (size 5) shoes both R165 and Clutch Bags R45 (blue clutch), R55 (gold clutch), R65 ('pearl' box) and R135 (white bead with 'jewelled' clasp)

25 June 2015

Keeping Cowboys Warm

This week its all about leather and how amazing it is in keeping us warm....it does take a bit more care than other materials and needs to be cleaned by professionals but it is well worth it and lasts so much longer than its shabby plastic immitation cousins...

Men's taup suede zip up bomber jacket with nifty inside and outside pockets for extra swiss army knives... size Large R325


Women's heavy beige suede coat with ox blood collar detail and leather buttons made in Sueden size 34 R425


Men's simple beige suede jacket which falls straight around the hip with do up bottons at cuff ...relatively light and great for layers underneath size Medium R315


18 June 2015

Jackets Anyone?

We have snow on the Berg and we are pulling our fuzzy socks out but jackets, simple elegant, floral 50s inspired or scary 80s, keep us looking good this winter...

Simple black cotton mix combined with subtle feminine embroidery makes this baby very wearable day or night and with layers underneath size 34 R215


50s inspired cotton poly mix bunny jacket in amazing almost watercolour florals this is really for the spring but could't keep it in the closet until then...it has great structure in the slightly stiff fabric size 34 R195


Scary 80s is always a standout winner as you are pretty much guaranteed that there isn't another in Durban....the print is almost graffitti and has really good bold structure which suits almost any shape size 34-36 R215