09 November 2017

Sweet Summer Time

There always something whimsical about having summer about to come whispering in....not that searing heat but the feeling of being lighter....

Classic 19070s day dress in a very pretty print...all i can think of is pretty....Size 34 R215


Delicate in a sagey kinda way....delicate detailing at the shoulder above the gathers makes me think someone really paid attention to the small things that make something special Size 34 R215


Serious summer time almost beach dress which could slip into your closet without anyone knowing that it was made 40 odd years ago...Size 34 R195 


21 September 2017

07 September 2017

Witches Brew

Witches partaking of their brew....no I don't know what's going on here either...but it does remind me that everyone should have afternoon tea and here with your wardrobe to match...ok minus the hats....

This dress in a light jersey fabric that adds soft structure in a bold floral print has nice details like a wide waistband and gathering at the shoulder...it hugs the body while leaving something to the imagination Size 34-36 R215


Slinky dress in a broad floral print with a droped waist and a bow which then has pleasts introduced....this is complex master 80s tailoring Size 36 R215


Simple droped waist techy dress with pleasts and gathering at the shoulder....but the print smacks of something mothern and pixelated....Size 38 R215

And to accentuate your waist in yellow leather this is not vintage but i loved it and is made by Esprit Size Medium R65

Periwinkle Sprinkle

Its really hard to explain why colour gives off very strong feelings for different people....for some reason the 70s saw a lot of blue...I like saying the word periwinkle which is exactly what the bunny jacket is...somewhere between blue and purple....i have added some navy and turquoise this week as well ...but periwinkle always makes me smile...ohhh I know that the image is actually pink but it kinda transmits the feeling i am looking for.....

Not quite turqoise felt hat with a flower for fun Size small R95

Bunny jaquet style that is scrumptiously heavy with silver bead work and a standout button at the throat....i would put this over a t shirt as easily take it to the opera....Size 34 R175


My camera decided this skirt was'nt navy but it is that sort of blue that has a hint of black to set it apart....this is a polymix in pleats with a lining that gives it a weight and structure Size 28-30 R175


What i like about this shirt is the clashing pattern on the collar..stripes and polka dots is really what we are talking about...polymix with gathering at the shoulder this is part of a set with a skirt in a previous post Size 34 R155



28 August 2017

Bright Spark

Getting noticed makes me smile...here with a few bright sparks for that second look....careful though....your admirers may require sunglasses.....

Out There Tartan Jacket in 70s polymix which is soft and warm....fantastic detailing in the curve of the collar and side loops for extra fit....Size 34 R175

Out There Tartan Pants 70s polymix which is soft and warm...wide legged and hug the hips...bootie preferred...Size 34 R155

Same wide legged shape as the Tartan Pants but this time in fire engine red in crimp....same bootie requirement with some hip action...Size 32-34 R155

Simple grey winter polymix skirt....and then you get the arctic knit feel with the bright red and blue...this skirt has been loved but worth a little more...Size 32 R175

Simple 70s fire engine red polymix somewhere between a top and a sweater with a zip up the back and variety of weaves to keep things interesting....Size 34 R165


Leather Lovers

My theory is that good leather lasts and means we consume less....belts can make or break a day's ensemble....here with a few that are guaranteed to make it.....

Living large was the 80s mantra....see this baby with an oversized shirt and you could star in Dynasty....if you don't know Dynasty it was in my opinion soapy at it's best...worth a watch though for the wardrobe....Size large R75

Classic and classy this dark green is a cinch for lady dressing Size small R65

Rough and edgy i love this one...in fact its a bit difficult for me to part with...got a western feel to it so think denim...Size small R65

25 July 2017

Sunday Market July 30


The things i want most....the stuff end of one's life....is obviously stuff that i don't need...its the stuff that makes me have better dreams....here with random stuff whose only theme is that i like them...a lot.....

This 70s crimp vest makes me think of the Queen of Hearts Size 32 R175


Pretty Polymix skirt in an almost Ombre thing going on...and i do love the button for some reason....Size 32 R185



Fine Cotton almost Russian Doll thing happening here...pleated and pouffy you kinda want to take to the fields and fly a kite....Size 32 R185


Slinky shirt/jacket in a Petrol Blue print with buttons as embelishment Size 30-32 R155


Pretty Shirt in a Super Fine Cotton gentle floral print with extra darts at the waist for more definition Size 34 R175