14 February 2011

We have a WINNER!

Okay the jury is out! We sent all the entry suggestions to three overseas friends, and the finalists were - 
Simply Mine This Valentine ~ Vixens n Valentines ~ Scarlet Charlotte ~ Red Devil

And the winner is…. Scarlet Charlotte! Congratulations to Sam Doe!! You win a R250 Bonnie & Clyde voucher. And because we were so excited, we decided to give a runner up prize of R100 gift voucher to Vixens n Valentines. So congratulations also to Simone! We will be in touch with both our winners to collect their vouchers and come in for a photo shoot on the 26th February, when we will have a professional photographer at the shop from 10-12pm, if you are available. 

Thanks to everyone who entered. This was our first competition and we thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to offer more in the future. Share the love…


  1. Yay! What a happy note to start today on! Too exciting! Thanks super secret panel of judges :)

  2. Congrats Simone! Please email Robyn on the address below to sort out the details. See you soon! x Jess

    P.S. Our lovely judges are some of our dearest friends who now live in England - so special thanks to Elaine, Ruanne and Pamela for their time!