15 November 2011

Distraught? No Summer Frock

Distraught? at a loss for a Summer Frock? Swishy florals and dots and stripes abound from R165...just in time for Christmas!

Altered 60s/70s day dress in a fine crimpolene half way zip up the front ..bold stripes and polka dots in blues and turquoises short mini nice as is or over jeans size 34 R185

60s/70s smooth crimpolene Tea Dress with original buttons and belt in bold turquoise and white polka dots that flares slightly to the knee am seeing converse trainers with this size 34/36 R195

Altered 60s/70s sleeveless day dress in light silky mix in a slight flare as cut on a bias from the narrowed waist to above the knee am seeing with gladiator sandals size 34/36 R165

1 comment:

  1. I like your styling and your photography, would be sold on dresses two and three but need to diet down a couple of sizes!