29 May 2012

Chocolate in your Closet

 Coco in your Loco! I like brown...it might be 70s but its more gentle than black and different shades can be layered for winter to delicious effect!

 A Sleeveless Dress with a Crimp Bodice which flows into a very Slinky rayoney typa Long Skirt in psychadelic swirls with a belt...very pretty for a Durban winter with boots or summer with flats. A generous Size 34 R195.

 A Long Sleeved Round Neckline Fitted Jacket to the waist in heavily texured Diamond Weave Crimp with a single eye hook at the neck to leave the jacket to open to reveal more interest underneath. Size 34 R165 (part of set see below).

A Dress with Crimp Bodice with Pussy Bow attached flows into a heavily texured Diamond Weave Crimp Print Mid Calf Skirt. The structure of the skirt plays off against the softness of the Pussy Bow. Size 34 R215 (part of a set see above).

Slinky Sleeveless Day Dress to Mid Calf in brown and blue diamond print which Zips up from the waist to meet a very pretty almost Boating Collar in a V. Size 16ish R185. Screaming for a Wde Caramel Belt!

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