14 June 2012

Lady Dressed in Jade

Lady in Jade Hold Me Tight at the Masquerade

Thick All Enfolding Jade Glowy Velvet that they just don't make anymore! Altered from a long perhaps 60s dress as a result of damage this is now a hip length jacket with buttons from the Nehru collar to just below the midiriff and more at the wrist or a very short dress. Size 32 R195.


Golden Yellow Taffeta perhaps late 50s or early 60s Alice in Wonderland Dress complete with a Bow at the waist and puffed sleeves. Size 30 R215.

Detail See the previous Picture for actual colour...camera was misbehaving!

Pale Jade 50s buttonless and lined Coat/Jacket in a Damask print fine Taffeta blend with wide and stiff upright collar. Size 32-34 R195


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