21 June 2012

Snuggling with Shaun

Feeling Frosty? Looking to snuggle? Do it the old fashinoned way in woolies of natural and and not so natural fibres from R115 to R145.

Maybe 70s hand knitted pretty pink shluffy in a loose size 34...not itchy.


Nancy Drew Typa serious in pale pink and white stripped acrylic blend with high waist maybe late 50s early 60s size 34.


Real Deal Sweater Girl maybe late 50s early 60s complete with pom poms in case you didn't bring your own...not itchy size 32 in a dark peach.

Detail...Camera misbehaving again refer to previous picture for correct colour.

Handmade definitely 70s (I know the owner) in brown with green in a classic argyle design. Wool blend size 32-34.


Perwinkle Jaeger knit maybe 70s with front pockets and multi textured neckline...a classic with white. Acrylic blend not itchy loose size 34.


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