13 July 2012

Fully Reversable

If anyone has seen the Pink Panther you will understand how a reversable coat can save you from the bad guys! Here with step by step instructions...

Trench 1. Coco and Creme ....Creme side...well worn and resurrected with new buttons this baby is a lightweight cotton and excellent open or closed and turned up any which way you can think of...the buttons get pushed through the button holes when you switch sides...Size 34-36 R215

Coco and Creme...Coco side....completely different details on each side is ...a feat of tailoring!

Trench 2. Nutmeg and milk...Nutmeg side....almost an outback feel in a heavier cotton than the trench above, almost pristine and longer and a size 36-38...the beauty is in the detail with the label inside a pocket and the buttons in opposing colours...R295

Nutmeg side detail

Milk side with different details... a feat of artistry!

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