30 April 2013

A Good Exchange

Bonnie and Clyde were proud to participate in A Good Exchange held at Spiga in Florida Road last week....go to their Blog for more details....note to self....keep an eye out for the next one! http://www.agoodexchange.net/
here with some eyecandy...


these babies by www.whatscutting.co.za are mine!
and these Alice Bands by www.ilovemalva.com
Also a present to a very dear friend who is a writer by Terry Angelos....Beautiful

My cousin has just had a baby named Samuel and this is destined for a cot in Lincoln soon...handmade like they don't make them anymore! www.isladesigns.co.za
And these duck on the run earrings were from Lauren at A Good Exchange...sorry for me they are also for someone else who lives in Richmond UK...hope she doesn't see them on FB first!


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