19 September 2013

Popeye The Sailor Man

Nautical is natty and always fresh...colours pop and lines are clean and have always made me feel like I should be on a cruise...if staying at home stripes of any kind will do but check these out for inspiration...

 Rolled neck, 2 texture stripe contrast in crimp against a tennis skirt all in one piece of wonderment...70s and powerfully simple for spring....Size 36 R195


Red is and always will be about alarm bells and look at me presence that brings great returns...its the collar and simple central seam on a bias that works to create shape against a simple line...poly mix 70s in Size 36 R195


80s Made in The USA rayon mix with proper Popeye collar and central gold toned buttons that pop without the flash....very elegant....Size 34-36 R215


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