18 March 2014

Green with Envy

Being Canadian I get mixed up and in My World this time of year is spring and time for renewal and the kissing of frogs if necessary... but each to their own reality....so Green it is in all its guises...
Aqua Satin Frill that you can just sink into and swing to your heart's delight....size 38 R215

Embellished Cuffs

Elegant and easy long polymix shift with slits up either side in perhaps late 60s or early 70s flower power print...size 34 R215

Flower Power at its Best

 Iridescent dark emerald green polymix open front tunic that falls beautifully on its own or belted into a flare....size 36-38 R175

Elegant Sheen

Pierced earrings for those of the green persuasion R45 a pair

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