22 April 2014

Feeling Tweedy

Going into Autumn always makes me pull back into a pull over or something tweedy....not just the preserve of the royal family out on a picnic the good stuff is always in vogue...especially the classic shapes below....feeling is believing!
Brown wool Jaeger A line coffee brown in a fine tweed that just keeps on going....size 30-32 and lined...R165
its sometimes all in the label...

 Fine weave keeps you cool when needed...almost waterproof when you need that too...

Classic Burberry plaid which in this case is a retro Woolies variety but I thought had enough merit to make it onto the hanger....fine wool blend with classic kilt fastening in a panel over the front...size 36...R155

its all in the detail....

Orange Navy Tartan with front seam vents front and back in a wool blend to below the knee...size 36 R175

Beautiful Autumn Colours

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