20 May 2014

Back to Work People!

April in South Africa is pretty much a non month...calendars, diaries and even watches become suspect as we navigate through non weeks which quite frankly confuse me...so it is with a great sigh of relief that I can announce that we are back to work... and with this some back to work clothes to help you on your way!

May you all go where no person in a spandex red flying outfit with a cape has been before!

80s Power Dressing at its finest...Jones NY Houndstooth Jacket with big Shoulders size 34-36 R195

Mustard Felt harking back to 50s softness but probably 70s with Angled Pockets....size 38 R175

 Crème a la Chanel Crème weave open front harking back to the 50s again but probably 70s size 34-36


Pink Stripe 70s Crimpolene Suit playfully feminine with front vent...sold together with jacket size 34-36 R215



Turquoise Early 70s Crimpolene Check suit sorta Chanel...sold seperately size 32 Skirt R135 and Jacket R165


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