22 August 2014

Pretty Lady Gear

I am still seeing the effects of the 90s in the way we dress...cargo pants and stick strait Swedish hair or for a modern twist a perfectly slept in doughnut....Going into spring perhaps we should consider a bit more frill, flounce, prettiness...
De rigueur of wardrobes in the time before mass production was the day dress or tea dress so that waists and hips could catch the limelight...here with some very wearable ideas in pink from the 70s and 80s...

 70s pleats that you don't ever have to worry will wash out in a polymix with just enough body to create structure....Size 32/34 with elasticated waist R165


 Really spectacular fine cotton day dress with lace at the collar and hem for little girl delight....probably handmade in the 70s size 32 R195

Classic 80s column with big shoulder and below the knee action in a polymix of fishtail...pouf galore for spring in Africa...size36/38 R215 


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