13 November 2014

Gold Finger People

Always finger your gold...its good for you....makes you feel lavish and windswept and interesting and so does dipping into a bit of gold in the fibre department...silky satin slinky is on the cards this festive reason so give it a go and see how it makes you feel.....

Black slinky number....gold and red collar detail is very festive along with the pouff in the elasticated wrist ...don't be fooled by the modesty at first glance....this is all about having curves....in this baby no one can accuse you of hiding them....size 32-34 R195


Satin and gold...a beguiling combination...very small waist with wide collar and pleats make this about as feminine a dress as you will find....damask is subtle and needs big boobs....very big boobs! size 30 waist but a 36 everywhere else R215


Gold Damask bunny jacket styled and may even be 50s with satin lining and 3/4 sleeves size 32-34 R165


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