17 February 2015

Tangerine Dream

Internet on blink (week no 4!) so just crossing fingers i can get this out to you....I'll make it short....Orange, Peach, Tangerine are fabulous....come get some!
Despite interruptions to power supply Bonnie&Clyde continue to stock as usual with between 5 and 10 new items per week...so do it the old fashioned way and pop in....may the power be with you all.....
Long Peach and Slinky spagetti strapped classic 70s waft...size 32-34 R215


Peach and Black abstract day dress with pleats....probably 70s in slinky poly mix...Size 38-40 R195


Orange gorgeousness in silk....made in china before our current availability of chinese goods...the quality of the silk is weighty to say the least and probably late 1970s or early 1980s...size 34 R225


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