16 July 2015

Under the Covers

Mercifully getting dressed has become easier...but there is a time and a place for slips and petticoats and bed gear that involves a bit of lace....worn as an outer over denim or under a dress these babies will stand out regardless...

Black Nylon with boob pleats this slip is surprisingly useful under anything remotely see through that you don't want revealing anything too important....size 34-36 R165


Long Creme Nylon with a tie back option below the bust this is actually a nightgown the old fahioned way but works under a shorter dress or a skirt to show off detail...size 34-36 R165

Detail of embroidery 'protected' under the top layer at the bust....

Creme Shorter Nylon slip complete with frill at the bottom for showing off under shorter overlay....adjustable straps help out a great deal with embroidery at the bust...size 34-36 R165

The bow and flowers at the bust

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