06 August 2015

And the Details

Coco was all about the details, the extras...not just the string of pearls but the turn up of a sleeve and the angle of the scarf....here are a few accessories to get the heart going....

Macrame was big in the 70s...you went to class....you joined clubs...you displayed your talents on your shoulder and wrists....Black bag R85 and orange and beige R65 each

Say a lot without opening your mouth....even if you don't smoke there is nothing like vintage brass to say you have arrived....R185

This little guy is fuzzy in the picture (sorry!) i am told he is silver but there is not stamp...he is a broach with diamante on a highly decorative body and he has a red bejewelled eye to keep you captivated....the pin system tells me that he is pre 50s (i think!) R185

Restrung handblown Venetian green glass with clar glass beads in between longer than a choker so sort of mid boobage R185

Collection of largish sparkly broaches (also weird lighting sorry!) all at least pre 50s all fantastic at the waist of any dress to add attention R75 each

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