13 August 2015


Matchey matchey top and bottom can be a bit uniformish ...think again....the tops with pussy bows and vintage buttons are sweet as sugar with denim and the skirts stand out with t shirts and a pair of converse ....its about how you put it all together....

Slinky top and skirt set with pussy bow and pleats in low key colours standout in petite feminine print with super cool buttons to boot...Size 36 R215


Ok i could not get the sun out of this weeks offering so you might have to use a bit of imagination....Indigo and rust short sleeved dress and jacket set in slightly rounded almost 50s shoulders and details that grab the eye Size 36-38 R215


Another oddity this week....forgot to take a picture up close so you will have to use your imagination again...Skirt and jacket set slinky pale blue almost cloud print with beigy florals are pure whimsy Size 36 R215

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