30 March 2017

Bread and Milk

This week is about basics....the assumption is often that vintage is always a standout piece of promotion when often its the detail of the more background pieces...the ones that people will walk past and then turn to look at again to work out what is going on....and background is where it all starts....

Very cute very fine cotton shirt with a collar that is quietly carved into a double effect....i think i am doing a very bad job of explaining this....ok so cute, small neutral print, anchors and snow drops...Sized 32-34 R145 

Collar Detail


Fine kinda nylon typa fabric with a high collar at the back and a Miss Moneypenny bow....simple....yet quietly sexy....Size 34 R145


Quietly feminie with a small button at the cuff in a polymix in a strange quazi japanese print although i have probably got this completely wrong and it is a veiled cowboy shirt....i will leave it to you...Size 34 R145


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