18 April 2017

The 70s for Shy People

I love paisley....and it has never limited itself to one decade but heavy print often thrown together is what the 60s and 70s make me think of...but for those wanting subtle statements busy prints don't always have to shout.....

Ok this is probably 1980s judging by the boxy hip skiming action in the cut of this jacket but the brocade served my purposes this week....ohhh Vogue March 2017 tells me that 1980s boxy hip skimming action is what its all about....just saying....Size 34 R195


Satin paisley print in joyful red and pink is perfect for souping any seriousness up.... R50

Just to get the size.....i really don't like measuring things....its a handicap i know..... 

Pleated and falling below the calf the waist is elasticated and the fabric is a chiffonish poly mix so it keeps its structure as you swish....Size 34 R165


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