28 August 2017

Bright Spark

Getting noticed makes me smile...here with a few bright sparks for that second look....careful though....your admirers may require sunglasses.....

Out There Tartan Jacket in 70s polymix which is soft and warm....fantastic detailing in the curve of the collar and side loops for extra fit....Size 34 R175

Out There Tartan Pants 70s polymix which is soft and warm...wide legged and hug the hips...bootie preferred...Size 34 R155

Same wide legged shape as the Tartan Pants but this time in fire engine red in crimp....same bootie requirement with some hip action...Size 32-34 R155

Simple grey winter polymix skirt....and then you get the arctic knit feel with the bright red and blue...this skirt has been loved but worth a little more...Size 32 R175

Simple 70s fire engine red polymix somewhere between a top and a sweater with a zip up the back and variety of weaves to keep things interesting....Size 34 R165


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